Sample Resignation Letter

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Below you will find a sample resignation letter.  

To download the word file click here.   To go to the BUPERS reference page click here.  For the governing document click here (MILPERSMAN 1920-200).

                                                                                                           DD MMM YY

From: LT Im A. Sailor, USN, 123-45-6789/1120
To:   Secretary of the Navy

Via:  (1) Commanding Officer, USS NEVERSAIL (SSN-000)
      (2) Commander, Navy Personnel Command (PERS-4834F)


Ref:  (a) MILPERSMAN 1920-190
      (b) MILPERSMAN 1920-200

Encl: (1) Reason for Submission of Request


  1. I hereby submit my resignation from the naval service of the United States, and request that it be accepted. I have been informed and understand that if this resignation is accepted, I will subsequently receive a certificate of honorable discharge from the naval service. I desire detachment in [month/year].
  2. To my knowledge, I am (not) financially indebted to the Government of the United States. If knowledge of indebtedness to the Government does exist, this statement should indicate the amount of indebtedness and the schedule established for repayment. The following information is provided and correct to the best of my knowledge:
  3. Date of birth:
    b. Commissioning source:
    c. Completion date of minimum required active duty service obligation:
    d. Active commissioning base date:
    e. Completion date of any additional service obligations incurred:
    f. Date reported to present command:
    g. Date of completion of 1 year on station or DoD prescribed area tour:
    h. For DoD area tours, indicate accompanied or unaccompanied tour lenth as appropriate:
    i. Projected rotation date:
    j. Grade:
    k. Date of rank:
    l. Home of record:
    m. Place of entry:
    n. Command Unit Identification Code (UIC):
    o. I do (not) desire appointment in the Naval Reserve.
    p. I do (not) desire to affiliate with the Naval Reserve (Active Reserve Appointment). Present command, daytime telephone number (DSN/commercial), and email address is:
    q. My reason(s) for resigning is (are) provided in enclosure (1).

                                               IM A. SAILOR